Shared ownership by cooperative

To live! Like a tree alone and free. Like a forest in brotherhood. THIS YEARNING IS OURS. – Nazım Hikmet

Maybe you are already believing in next-stage, teal organizations and their concepts. You imagine or feel and know the deeper sense. Being self-managed, purpose driven, value generating, satisfactory, team-oriented and thriving for wholeness. Pretty sure the majority of people have a positive attitude reading and thinking about next-stage, teal organizational concepts. The benefits are so appealing.

Evolution of the organisations

The next level of organisations is emerging. And we want to be part of it.

Now, imagine you come home after long day of an interesting and rewarding job. You work with one of the best professionals in the industry. You don’t think about asking your boss for a pay rise in near future (or ever). You earn exactly as much as you think you should. Actually, you don’t even have a boss or a manager. Neither you are a boss to anyone. What’s more, you know that what you worked on today was the best possible business value for the customer.

Does it sound like an utopia? Unrealistic? Before being sceptical, please read this post and stay tuned for next ones explaining how radically different our organisations and our lives could be. And will be.