The core of customer services is creation of customer business value. Still this goal is so often missed by customers and their suppliers. Requirements are unclear, prioritization done wrong, supplier unknown to business domain, supplier shareholder goals over customer business value, insufficient communication…

dedicated customer teams

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47Noordwind aims primarily at providing agile teams of experts working majorly for one customer. This way the team can dedicate all it’s power to customer and deep dive into customer business domain and environment. This way also conflicting tasks and assignments with other project operations are avoided.
Also keep in mind, software is an organic system, which requires to be run, maintained and extended continuously.

fully transparent

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47Transparency is the basis for trustful cooperation. Still this trust is far too often missing in today’s collaborations. Noordwind runs collaboration in a fully transparent way. You will not only receive our detailed sprint planning, but also will be informed on planned vs. performed efforts. You will receive a detailed summary in each invoice how much time spent by each team member and money received. If we run into problems, you will be informed, so we find together most efficient solution.
Only in projects with good collaboration business value will be generated.

committed agile team organization

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47Long time of experience in software development absolutely convinced us of agile methodologies being the most efficient way of creating high value solutions.
But only when applied with high discipline and belief, the benefits will arise. We are absolutely strict in those principles and won’t step back from them.

inspire customer organization

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47It is not only for the team serving good software solutions to you, but we want to inspire your existing organization.
This might be by coaching your existing development teams, by bringing in new, state-of-the-art technologies and solutions or by just offering a new perspective. Also our team can be the foundation for a new software team of your own.

maximum flexibility

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47You have the full flexibility when engaging a Noordwind team. You can cooperate with team only for a few weeks, you can quit after every sprint (every 2 weeks). Or you run a longer cooperation with team. You even have the possibility to take over a whole team into your own organization, if team is fine with that.
Noordwind doesn’t fight continuous change but tries to make advantage of it.