Software development is a creative process. Today’s solutions and underlying technologies evolve with incredible speed. Overall complexity increases in all business domains. It requires smart and motivated people to create compelling solutions for the world of today and tomorrow.

progressive self-managing organization

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47There are no managers at Noordwind, only self-organizing teams and a constitution every member has to live up to.
We believe that we are currently entering a time of new forms of organizations, the next evolutionary level of organizations. This is also our believe. At the core of this new organization we see distribution of decision power. Only involvement and responsibility creates real commitment and passion by all organization members.

all profits to member

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47It sounds radical to have a close-to-non-profit organization running commercial projects. It indeed is, but actually there is much profit. The profit is directly distributed to all members of Noordwind. There are no external shareholder of Noordwind. Noordwind is only owned by all its members. The whole venture is stakeholder (customers and members) driven, not shareholder driven.
Over and over again, it is emphasized that money is no sufficient motivator. We also believe in that, but we create maximum business value for our customers and that is valuable work. And we know that recruitment for the best requires also very good payment.

recruit on corporate culture

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47Noordwind is a fresh approach to running a software services organization. Working within Noordwind is a different way of working than in other organizations. That also requires members being selected carefully. Members not only have to be passionate experts in their area of work, but also they have to be willing to participate actively in a self-managing organization.

social activities

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47Friendship and openness are a powerful foundation for an effective team. It enables team members to trust each other and to speak openly also on tough topics. Noordwind supports team members to become friends, by organization events and team coaches.

healthy living

noordwind_short_rgb-01_small_border_50-47Mens sana in corpore sano – “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, was already written by Juvenal. Everyone within Noordwind is free to decide on their own, how healthy they want to live. But Noordwind initiates physical and mental activities and provides healthy food.