Full-Stack Developer (Freelancing)

We are looking for an energetic and friendly full-stack developer, who is willing to join us on a project for a German premium clothes brand. The company builds their own e-commerce platform based on following hot technologies: Kotlin, node.js, Spring Boot, JPA, Netflix OSS, Vue.js, AWS, Terraform, Kubernetes.

You don’t need to be expert in all those, but should be well experienced with Java Spring Boot and node.js definitely a plus. And you should be willing to learn that new kind of stuff 😉

  • Day rate (8 hours): 500€
  • Timeline: start asap, open end
  • Location: mainly Kraków (or other home location), every 2-3 weeks travel to Stuttgart or Chemnitz
  • Required availability: 100%

Please contact me under damian.kasiarz@noordwind.com.

Job of your dreams

How does it look like, the job of your dreams? Would you like to participate in an organization as an owner? Would you like to shape software products together with your team? Would you like to work without any manager telling you how to organize?

Think about what you have to offer! Contact us and let us know. Noordwind is your organization that helps you realize your ideas delivered to German customers.

  • Day rate (8 hours): high 😉
  • Timeline: Whenever you are ready and a customer is convinced
  • Location: mainly Kraków (maybe with some trips to other European countries)
  • Required availability: 40-100%
  • Noordwind team setup: whatever you can achieve

Noordwind is a radically different approach to software services. Why? Check member satisfaction and customer business value.

Please contact me under robin.adam@noordwind.com.