Software is currently disrupting business models of various industries. The biggest and hottest change right now is for sure the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT only just began to put on speed, and with it will drive software into most of our future products. Are you ready for this challenge?

“The Internet of Things will enable—and in some cases force—new business models.” – McKinsey

“Many companies remain unprepared for the Internet of Things, in terms of the opportunities it provides and the threat of disruption it could pose to many businesses.” – Gartner

“Much of the innovation in the Internet of Things is being fueled by young, dynamic companies, … Major players must partner, acquire or invest to remain competitive and inventive.” – Gartner

Noordwind Offering

Noordwind offers you dedicated agile software teams. Teams of dynamic software experts, who know the cutting edge technologies of today. Teams which are able to software power your products.

full flexibility

Teams might create software and hardware for your future connected IoT device. Maybe you also require a mobile app, so you can manage your device from it. Or do you already have your cloud hosted services in place, so that you can store and analyze data or let other companies or developers access it? Also possible, in some future you can use an existing platform. But still you need software experienced people to select and integrate it for you.

Noordwind is a cooperative and dedicated to members benefits. If you like to use a Noordwind team as a seed grain for your own future software unit and want to hire them into your own company. Just do so. The team is free to decide what to do.