Maybe you came across one of the following situations. You are aware of a challenge, but having difficulties resolving them.

  • We know a new software product is required, but we have no capacities to implement.
  • We believe in better, efficient, agile team organization, but our current organization is not willing to change.
  • We want to keep up with disrupting startups and new business models, but we are not able to move quick and radical enough.
  • We have a vision for a new product, but we are not sure if product succeeds on market and thus not willing to hire more staff.
  • We want to implement our solutions in hip, state-of-the-art technology, but we don’t have enough internal skill existing.
  • We would like to boost performance by external expertise,  but it’s too expensive, not committed enough on our business and we miss increase of own know how.
  • We would like to work with software service supplier, but we fear resistance of staff and bad vibe in organization.


An agile Noordwind startup team might be a solution to your above “buts”. A dynamic team of agile developers with fresh startup mentality and sophisticated knowledge of cutting edge technologies. Our teams like to work dedicated for you and resolve your business challenges.

full flexibilityCollaborating with our team leaves you full flexibility in your decisions. Involve the team only for a few weeks to create a Proof-of-Concept, use the team to bring in new organizational concepts to your existing structures or let your Noordwind startup team develop a whole product for you. The team might also be the seed grain to your own software  development unit. It manages the complexity of creating and maintaining organic software products and helps you to create your own unit. You like the team so much, you would like to take over the whole team into your own organization? – Also fine, ask the team. They are free to decide.

build team on demandNoordwind teams create themselves on behalf of your request.

  1. Request Noordwind – customer places request for offer, which is automatically distributed to all teams, one team takes over
  2. Request Clarification – first details on request are exchanged
  3. Best fit handover – request is handed over to best suited member
  4. Bid Team – temp team for customer communication and bid proposal is build
  5. Noordwind Team – delivery team is set up, team works in sprints self-responsible with customer

Teams always work in sprints, preferably of 2 weeks duration. You will receive a sprint planning after creation and we discuss transparently at the end of each sprint how things worked out.

  • sprint planning (4h) – detailed planning of 2 weeks sprint, communication of plan to customer
  • sprint review (2h) – discussion/presentation of sprint results with stakeholder (customer, team)
  • sprint retrospective (2h) – team retrospective of past sprint, continuous improvement trigger
  • business value day (8h) – team focusing on increase of business value and efficiency (business know how, new technologies, strategy and vision etc.)

noordwind sprint